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We will provide a complete, functional, professional website for
$35.00 per month
for 24 months
plus a down payment of $175.00.

This includes all the following:

  • Domain registration 
  • Registration maintained current
  • Complete website development: Up to 10 hours of development time will be allotted to develop a professional website. 
  • Website updates each month: Price includes ½ hour per month of development time to make updates.
  • Website hosting
  • Webmail: 3 email accounts and all server set up costs included.


Our development time is usually quick. If you need to register a domain name, we can usually accomplish that on the same day. Site development usually is substantially completed within two weeks. Changes and modifications are normal, and the final product should be ready within another week. If all the information is available from you, we can cut this time down. If there is an urgent need, we will work with you to expedite the process.

We require an initial payment of $175.00. This is due before we begin work. It is NOT REFUNDABLE. We will prepare a website for you and will work with you to insure that it meets your needs and your desires. Once it is in place and meets your needs, we will begin to bill you monthly at the $35.00 per month rate.

We will need information from you so we can develop a website for you. Some of the things we will need or would normally be appropriate are:

    • Business name
    • Website name desired (domain name)
    • Location of your business (optional)
    • Maps to your business
    • Contact information
    • Products available
    • Service area, if applicable
    • History of your business
    • Photographs
    • Videos

We will take the information provided and start development of your website. Usually, we need to visit with you several times during this process to be sure all the information is correct and that it is properly displayed.

We will spend up to 10 hours of development time to produce your website. This is usually enough time. We have several examples of sites we have done within that time frame. You will NOT be charged for any additional time, unless you approve of it in advance.

We also provide up to ½ hour per month of development time to make updates to your website. Products can change, prices often change, and numerous other things can change that need to be updated to your website.

We offer template shopping carts and custom shopping carts. We can post from one item to a virtually unlimited number of items on your site. All sorts of shipping requirements, delivery options, areas of service, and just about any other function can be accommodated. These are an optional accessory to your website and are available at additional costs, starting from $25.00 per month. The shopping carts are available only to those who allow us to provide their website needs.

We provide graphics services and can prepare a professional logo for your website and your business.

We can take your printed photos and scan them for use on your website. We also provide photographers to take on-location photographs.